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Hitachi 0.3T AIRIS VENTO

14,000,000.00 12,000,000.00
  The offered Airis –Vento  system configuration includes:  
  • 3 Tesla Eddy Current Free Permanent Magnet
  • Patient Table
  • MRI unit with Digital RF amplifier and gradient & Image Processing Unit
  • Workstation console with 24" High resolution LCD color monitor , key board and mouse.
  • Receive coils including:
  1. Multiple array Head Coil
  2. Multiple Array QD Body Coil ( Large)
  3. Multiple array QD Body Coil (Medium)
  4. Multiple array Knee Coil
  5. Multiple Array Neck & Joint Coil ( Small)
  6. Multiple Array Neck & Joint Coil (Large)
  • Latest software and sequences including:
  • Standard Pulse Sequences
  • Steady State sequences
  • Fast Spin Echo package.
  • MR Angiography ( TOF and PC)
  • CE_MRA
  • Diffusion Weighted Imaging and Volume Shimming.
  • Fat Water Separation Imaging.
  • Balanced Sarge and Driven Equilibrium – FSE
  • RF shield room with single door (5m X 4m max)
  • Filter Box.
  • Standard accessories , cables, manuals, mattresses, etc.
  • 10 Kva UPS
  • RF Survey, Transportation, Magnet Off Loading,
  • RF shield room construction, Installation, Application Training

Philips Preowned 64 Slice Cardiac CT

18,000,000.00 15,000,000.00
Brilliance CT 64 Slice w/Essence Technology. Highlights - Essence technology:
  • MRC X-ray tube with segmented anode, spiral groove bearing and Smart Focal Spot
  • Nano-Panel detector technology
  • RapidView Reconstruction with quad-core processors
  • 40mm of detector coverage from 64 independent channels for large volumes and thin slices.
  • DoseWise design delivers optimal dose efficiency, without compromising image quality.
  • Brilliance Workspace user environment improves productivity by working the way the user does.
  • Logical Guided Flow prompts the user through the scanning and visualization processes.
  • ScanTools and ScanTools Pro to optimize productivity, workflow, and diagnostic confidence.


12,000,000.00 10,000,000.00
0.3T , 2011 Onwards Model

Somtom Esprit

4,200,000.00 3,800,000.00
Dual slice CT Scanner

Siemens 1.5T MRI Model Essenza

30,000,000.00 26,000,000.00
1.5 T Eseenza cold Magnet  available for  Sale