Technical advisor to customer for repairing and servicing CT , MRI, Cath lab, Dexa, DR-Xray and PET-CT.

Support to customer for procurement of CT ,MRI, Cath lab, DEXA, PET-CT.
➢ Pre Installation Support
-Pre installation site inspection and advice on the site designing
-Guidance in regulatory clearances and approvals
➢Installation and commissioning Support
-Off-loading of the system as per manufacture’s instructions & norms
-Assisting in Civil , Electrical , air conditioning , MRI shield room preparation, MRI helium / Nitrogen Pre cooling and Helium re -filling
-Electrical ,Electronics and Mechanical Installation of the system
-Commissioning of systems

➢Training & Applications Support
-One –Site User Training
-Application Support

➢Post warranty Service Support
-Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC)
-Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
-Sourcing of Trained Ex OEM service engineers for providing the services
-On call Basis Service

Dear valuable customer, You are requested to furnish the detail of equipment in the below form for the equipment you wish to servicing and repairing.
On receipt of your equipment detail we shall revert to you with our commercial quote.

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